Papergirl YVR Artist Call and Workshops

Papergirl YVR


The City of New Westminster’s Arts Services is very excited to partner with Papergirl YVR to present a series of workshops and an exhibition at Anvil Centre!

Papergirl Artist Call

Papergirl YVR is an inclusive, non-commercial art project that brings people together in celebration of art and community in an unconventional way, through the spirit of altruism. We are inviting all artists to join us in sharing your work which, in the style of American Paperboys, will be rolled up and distributed by bicycle to random passersby! We want your prints, paintings, poems, drawings, photos – you name it! We’ll take new or old pieces, beginner or advanced. Open to all artists.


We ask that you fill out a submission form so that we have all your details in case we need to contact you. This form also acts as a release to allow us to photograph your work and share it on our social media channels and website. We want to show you off as much as possible! Download your form here.

Drop off your art in person at the Anvil Centre!

OR …

Biliana Velkova, Arts Coordinator, City of New Westminster
777 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC V3M 1B6
T 604-515-3822 E



EXHIBITION OPENING: May 26, 2016, 7-9 pm at Anvil Centre



Medium: The artwork can be anything from drawings, digital art, photography, prints, sketches, poetry, zines, stickers, and textiles.You know all those amazing images you have sitting on your computer from your travels or those sketches you have piling up under your bed? Those are PERFECT for Papergirl so think about donating them : )

Quantity: You can submit up to 2o originals, prints, photos, copies, etc. that you like and we encourage you to send multiples of your work so it can be put into multiple art rolls. Please note that will might not be able to display all your work in the exhibition, but we will make sure it gets out into the hands of the public!

Content: We don’t want to cramp your style or censor you, but remember that your work will find its way into the hands of a stranger, so keep it free of any advertisements or any racist, sexist, or otherwise overtly offensive and derogatory content.

Must be Flexible: We roll up all of the art, so it must be made of a material that can be rolled or folded. We also have to be able to carry these while on bikes, so keep that in mind when thinking of size.

It Must be Dry and Fixed: We are open to whatever medium you choose to use, but please send us work that is totally dry and fixed. This means all paint, glue, charcoal, pastels, graphite, glitter, confetti, etc. We hate to see your work get smudged from handling, or torn because it’s sticking to itself or other pieces of art. Make sure any excess medium is shaken off and/or fixed on.

It Must be Yours: All art donated by YOU must be made by YOU!

Sign Your Work: We encourage the people that receive the art to contact the artist, and often they do! In fact we have even had artists get work commissioned by the person who received the work. So please be sure to put your name on the back of your work, and make sure it’s legible.

If you have a website, Instagram, or Twitter, feel free to include those as well. If you wish to remain anonymous, that’s ok too.

 Papergirl photo

Papergirl Workshops

Papergirl Presents: Sharing Your Art with the World (adults)

April 30, 2-3:30pm, Anvil Centre, Room 417, Registration Code: 148634 Registration fee $10.00

Join professional acrylic painter April Lacheur for an inspiring talk and guided discussion on getting your artwork out in to the world and building your artist brand. April will discuss the many ways artists can share their work and the importance of self marketing in order be a successful artist. Learn tips for marketing including social media and some ‘outside the box’ ways of getting people see your art. Bring your pen and paper to take notes as well as your questions for the open discussion at the end of the talk. Group activities will help in practicing your elevator pitch and how you share your work. Whether you are just starting out as an artist looking for ways to show and sell your work or a professional artist looking for ways to boost your career this talk is for you!

Papergirl Presents: Mandala Drawing Workshop (adults)

May 7, 2-5pm, Anvil Centre, Room 411B, Registration Code: 148635 Registration fee $10.00

Join artist and educator Sandeep Johal in an introduction to contemporary mandala drawing. Loosely translated, mandala means “circle” and is a centuries old cross-cultural art practice and spiritual symbol. In this 3 hour long workshop, participants will learn about both the history and benefits of mandala-making, while creating their own. Participants will practice building mandalas from pre-existing templates, as well as creating their own mandalas based on principles of patterning, symmetry and geometry. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about Papergirl and how you can get involved and join the movement

Papergirl Presents: Moth Making Paper Capers Workshop (adults)

May 14, 2-4pm, Anvil Centre, Room 411B, Registration Code: 148636 Registration fee $10.00

Papergirl invites you to step into the world of paper art with Tara Galuska. In this workshop participants will learn how to avoid a big gluey mess when creating delicate paper artworks and also how to make neat precise cuts every time. At the end of this workshop you will flutter away with a whimsical paper moth or butterfly masterpiece, made by you! All materials will be provided. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about Papergirl and how you can get involved and join the movement.

To register, please call 604.527.4640 or visit here.