“You can discover more about a person in one hour of play than in one year of conversation” (Plato)

POPart is an exhibition you won’t want to miss!

New Media Gallery is very proud to announce the extraordinary POPart exhibition, presenting four captivating installations by the following internationally renowned artists:

Martin Creed (UK), Ceal Floyer (UK), Karina Smigla-Bobinski (Munich), William Lamson (USA)

Each artist has chosen a very familiar material to create a work of art – the lowly balloon!  Balloons conjure up childhood celebration, buoyant fun and crass commercialism, and they make each work wonderfully immersive, interactive and playful.

The exhibits will also encourage us to ask eye-opening questions such as: How much air is contained in a space?  What sets the inventive mind on fire? What exactly is the difference between the artist and the audience?  How does one recognize truth?

New Media Gallery would like to acknowledge Laing + Kathleen Brown, Rennie Gallery (Vancouver), The Artists, 303 Gallery (NYC) and our volunteers for making this exhibition possible.

Exhibition Curators:  Sarah Joyce + Gordon Duggan

Open daily 10AM-5Pm, open late Thursdays until 8PM

Please note the exhibition is closed on Mondays