Welcome to the first Arts and Tech Summer Camp! We’ve put together an incredible 5 day workshop that will engage your mind, strengthen your creative skills and let you collaborate with new friends. Every day is broken into two sections: discussion and workshop. You’ll learn about Wearable Technologies, 3D scanning & 3D modelling, Video Editing and Video Projections and how to create work with meaning. You’ll be making creative projects around the theme: “Let’s Imagine a Better Environment”. Your morning starts with a fascinating and thought provoking discussion about cutting-edge technologies, techniques and big ideas.  In the afternoon you’ll jump into an exciting creative-making workshop where you can play around with these technologies and make your work. Everything comes together on the final day when you and your friends put on THE DOCK SHOW.


What is THE DOCK SHOW?  It is a collaborative arts + technology performance or installation. It will take place on the last afternoon for an audience of parents & friends. THE DOCK SHOW will pull together everything you’ve have been working on: visual arts, live performance, video, animation, projection, wearables, sound & music and other experiments.  Our expert instructors are ready to advise and help the whole class pull their projects together.  Be prepared for 5 days of creativity, experiments and fun!


Day One – Tuesday, Aug 06

Camp Orientation & Exhibition Tour

Discussion:  Explorations in Wearable Tech

Workshop:  Wearable Tech Studio


Day Two – Wednesday, Aug 07

Discussion:  Exploring Art & Film

Workshop:  Digital Filmmaking on iPads


Day Three – Thursday, Aug 08

Discussion:  Understanding Video Projection

Workshop:  Video Screening


Day Four – Friday, Aug 09

Discussion:  Realizing Virtual Spaces : Real Spaces

Workshop:  3D Scanning and Design


Day Five – Saturday, Aug 10

Discussion:  Symbols & Meaning

Workshop:  Finishing, Tweaking & Documentation

THE DOCK SHOW – Begbie Street Loading Dock


Course ID 17070

Ages 8 to 12 years

5 sessions – Tuesday to Saturday