BRINK is a group exhibition that pivots between absolute control and anarchy. Seven electronic media & robotic works and video installations suggest an adagio of fragile equilibriums. There are ambiguous tensions here; between freedom of choice and its repercussions; between what we understand as success, failure or stasis. Works teeter, circle and fail. There is an acute awareness of boundaries. The timing and anticipation of what might happen next; the resolution we hope for (the resolution we fear) leads us to the brink.

The five artists in Brink work between disciplines. Miguel Angel Rios and Nelmarie du Preez are represented by lens-based works that contain allusions to historic game playing, territorialism and a search for control. Battles play out on both a grand and human scale, exposing power struggles and symbiotic relationships. Stefan Tiefengraber and David Bowen give us either detached choice or ungovernable aggression; the promise of destruction is imminent and perhaps even tantalizing: these are strange attractors. In the centre of the exhibition a work by Jacob Tonski enacts a fragile dance of restraint & perseverance; containing the promise that some inherent and hidden mechanism will continue to hold things in place. Yet it is easy to foresee each tipping point and the warnings of collapse.