Family Fundays


Free, all-ages cultural programming at Anvil Centre!


Sunday, November 24

12:00 – 3:00 pm

Anvil Centre

777 Columbia Street, New Westminster

Join us at Anvil Centre for free creative programming on the third and fourth floors.



Electric Print Orchestra! 


4th Floor

Cultural Studio 411

Using electric paint, graphite and other metal materials, collage, print and combine to create artworks that can be transformed with circuitry.

Try out some tin foil bas relief (looks like metallic stained glass) and learn basic screen printing techniques.

Join volunteers from the New Westminster Museum to learn a bit about the history and mechanics of letterpress printing too!


3rd Floor

New Media Gallery, Learning Lab

Transform prints, drawings and paintings into live circuits with electric paint. New Media Gallery’s Learning Lab will have all kinds of robotics, electric instruments and lights for you to experiment with your electric drawings. Bring along a piece of cotton, canvas or any natural material as a paint surface.







Remember to head over to the River Market for more fun on Sunday, December 1st for terrific free family programming with ArtStarts.

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