July 28 – September 30

Nicolas Bernier / Frequencies (Light Quanta), 2014
Daniel Iregui / Forward, 2015
Chul Hyun Ahn / Tunnel #7,  2013

Gyre is an archaic word that means to whirl something around in circles; gyroscope comes from this root. Imagine a swirling vortex, of spiral motion and form; an ocean current, or a spinning body or particle. In geometry, a gyre starts at its origins and then moves progressively wider, creating the shape of a spiral vortex or tunnel. Time is implicated in this process.

In this exhibition the word gyre refers to a commonality of movement and form; a series of geometric or visual progressions; for example the way light is used to suggest a telescoping path in time, or a descent to unknown depths.   Sound is a defining element; circumnavigating and gyrating around a mute central point.  Much of what you see in the exhibition is an illusion.  These works upend you!  In each there is an uncertain positioning of time, space, size and direction. The physical body of the viewer becomes an important part of how we visualize and create meaning and position our own bodies in space.  The way we interpret the human body suspended between two tunnelling screens, or silhouetted against a spiralling series of infinite calculations or against a limitless well becomes an intentional component of each work.  We invite you to enter the Gyre!