Allan Morgan is a luminary on the Canadian theatrical stage and abroad, having spent a lifetime in theatre as a professional actor. He has been a favourite in all major British Columbia theatres from Bard on the Beach to the Belfry Theatre (Victoria) and has contributed to the creation of many innovative new works over the years for his skillful, imaginative artistry.


As Allan’s acting career slowed, he did what he had to, and what most actors do in that situation; he got another job.  Allan took a position in the mailroom of a union headquarters building.  He enjoyed the experience and his colleagues, embracing his new role with the same enthusiasm and dedication that he had applied to theatre productions.


In July 2016, Allan along with 54 of his sisters and brothers, found themselves in an unfamiliar position, on the other side of a chain link fence – a picket line. As employees of a union, they were locked out by their employer for one hour in order to impose a contract with a substantial hit on their sick time. Allan’s position was then eliminated changing his life, destabilizing his circumstances and shattering his assumptions about solidarity.


Over the past two years, I Walked the Line has emerged as a passion project and a means to process the experience Allan shared with his union sisters and brothers.  Applying his considerable theatrical skill, Allan dug deep and took his memories, emotions and experience home to the theatre stage. In 70 minutes, he takes the audience on a roller coaster of emotions sharing what it was like to be on strike, to find strength in community.  He transforms the stage to the picket line in order to celebrate the solidarity, remember the people and reveal the storm of emotions that the fight brought to all those walking for 132 days.

This production was made possible with the generosity of the Other Guys Theatre.