Scholars and Scientists have long been captivated by the origins of human speech & language and how we convey emotion through voice and song. VOICING presents three artists from three countries who explore the evolution, boundaries and emotional territories of the human voice from bird song through digital code.

Voicing describes the manipulation of notes and chords in any sound-producing entity; human, bird, or instrument, thus changing the personality of this tone and altering its emotional quality. Aristotle and Darwin noticed the ability of song birds to express emotion through song, and noted the uncanny resemblance of bird song to human language. Using a remarkable process, Marcus Coates explores human language and emotion through bird song. If human language and emotional voicing have distant origins in bird song…how will the voice and song develop through code into the future?

These days scientists and artists ask ; when robots speak, how human should they sound? Robots can now recognize human emotions from tone of speech…instantaneously and in real-time. And they can emulate emotion. Martin Backes and Michelle Jaffé present two captivating works that explore the relationship between song-voice and emotion using algorithm and a program called Super Collider.

Through multi-screen video, sound, robotics & sculptural electronic media; and through the expert manipulation of code, sound and language, three award-winning artists explore, in unconventional, funny and poignant ways, the emotional qualities, origins and future of the human song-voice in a world mediated by technology.

Featured artists include:

Martin Backes (DL)

Marcus Coates (UK)

Michele Jaffé (USA)

New Media Gallery Hours: 10:00am – 5:00pm

*Closed on Mondays

*Open until 8:00pm on Thursdays