Discover - Anvil Centre

As a vibrant and inclusive gathering space for residents and visitors, Anvil Centre inspires community spirit and pride, while fostering learning and engagement through the discovery of arts, culture, and heritage.

Discover the best in contemporary new media art at the New Westminster New Media Gallery, explore our City’s rich history at the New Westminster Museum and Archives, or take a walk down memory lane at the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Register for a new program and discover your passions, or view local artist’s work at the Community Art Space.

The New Westminster Museum & Archives at Anvil Centre cares for over 35,000 objects and another 35,000 photographs and archival records that celebrate our city’s stories and history.

Encounter art that plugs in, lights up, responds, senses, and communicates in New Westminster’s new civic art gallery that reflects our contemporary world and sheds light on our past.

The Community Art Space celebrates local talent from New Westminster. The space forges creative dialogue, brings attention to local art as well as creates new opportunities for artists in our city.

Discover Canada’s national summer sport at this revitalized exhibit that honours lacrosse’s players, traditions, and the game's historical roots.

Anvil Centre also offers professionally outfitted, acoustically insulated music practice rooms. All Cultural Studios and Music Practice Rooms can be rented at affordable prices.
For more information or to request a booking, please contact or call 604.527.4640.

Private Rentals
Room Name Meeting Activity Meeting & Activity
Cultural Studios 16.50/hr 33.00/hr 99.00/hr
Partitioned Cultural Studios 8.25/hr 16.50/hr 49.50/hr
Dance Studio N/A 33.00/hr 33.00/hr
Meeting Room 16.50/hr 33.00/hr 99.00/hr
Music Practice Rooms N/A 5.25/hr 15.00/hr

*Community Rentals – means events, services and/or meetings organized and implemented by individuals or non-profit New Westminster organizations whose primary objective is to support or to actively engage in activities of public interest without commercial purpose.
* These rates do not apply to corporate events and conferences
* Additional staff charges apply for rentals occurring when the building is closed to the public.