Can we capture the gleam of glass, the sharp edges of metal, the coolness of tile and stone with fabric?  We are four New Westminster textile artists, fascinated with the tactile world.  The materials, processes and patterns of the man-made structures around us inspire our art.  We are builders too, working with commercial or hand-dyed fabrics, planning, drafting, and constructing pieced tops, layering them to create wall art based in the tradition of quilt-making.  We measure, cut and assemble; masters of the tools and machines that work for us.  We offer this exhibition as an exploration of opposites:  hard/soft, smooth/rough, warm/cold.

Four different visions of this juxtaposition are illustrated by a group challenge.  Each of us translated the massive metal Vancouver Biennale sculpture: WOW, by Jose Resende, located in New Westminster Pier Park, into 20” square wall hangings.  Four fabric artists x four styles x four points of view x four steel shipping containers – hard edges in a soft medium.


Judy Villett

Mardell Rampton

Janet Archibald

Terry Aske


Join the exhibiting artists of ArchiTEXTURE: Hard Edges in a Soft Medium on September 16 at 2pm at the Community Art Space for an artist talk, where they will discuss their work and process including design concepts and construction techniques. The artists will show examples of past work, and share their plans for future projects.