Patrick Street Productions is excited to present Herringbone, a unique one-man cabaret musical by Canadian playwright Tom Cone. This Off Broadway hit show is a darkly comic, highly theatrical musical set in 1929 that tells the tale of eight-year-old George, who is taken under the wing of a vaudeville veteran, becomes possessed by the spirit of his mentor’s vengeful partner, and suddenly shows a remarkable talent for dancing!

As the play progresses, an epic battle arises over George’s mind, body and soul. The show is a tour-de-force that has the actor playing 12 characters, along with singing and dancing. Starring are Peter Jorgensen and Luisa Jojic who will alternate performances, creating a rare opportunity to experience the ways in which gender affects the storytelling. You just might need to see it twice!

Regular pricing: Preview $24, Tables $27, Sides $32, Centre $36 plus s/c
Concession pricing: Preview $24, Tables $24, Sides $27, Centre $32 plus s/c

Starring: Luisa Jojic OR Peter Jorgensen (alternating performances)
Sept 24 – Luisa Preview
Sept 25 – Peter Preview

Sept 26 – Luisa Opening
Sept 27 – Peter Opening

Sept 28 – Luisa Matinee
Sept 28 – Peter Evening
Sept 29 – Luisa Matinee

Oct 2 – Luisa Evening
Oct 3- Peter Evening
Oct 4 – Luisa Evening
Oct 5 – Peter Matinee
Oct 5 – Luisa Evening
Oct 6 – Peter Evening Closing