Uncover is a group exhibition presented by New West Pride.

The opening coincides with the New Westminster 13th Annual Cultural Crawl opening night, organized by the Arts Council of New Westminster and hosted by Anvil Centre.

In Uncover, our local LGBTQ+ artists have the unique opportunity to showcase their art in a world class venue and make an immediate impact on the residents of New Westminster. Artists express their perspectives on LGBTQ+ issues and how their relationship with society is constantly evolving, reshaping, and establishing new norms within a modern world. Uncover includes works from LGBTQ+ artists, as well as allies, living or working in New Westminster. The development of this show has been collaborative with all credit going to the show’s curator, Cliff Blank, as he has engaged with some true talent in our city. The LGBTQ+ community is to be celebrated and honoured. Not just during Pride Week but for all their contributions throughout history and notably, for the far reaching impact they have made in the arts and on art lovers.  New West Pride is proud to be presenting this event.

Artists include: Anna Crow, Breanna Deis, Terry Howard, Baddy Kahsay, Ted Mason, Mandy Paavola, Heather Prost, Garey Shergill, Jerry Stochansky, Judy Villett, Gif Wright

Get a sneak peek at artists on the Crawl and meet the artists of Uncover.

Please join us on August 12 at 5:00-7:00pm for the opening reception of Uncover