April 29 - June 10, 2022

Art Talks

Exhibition Opening May 5: Thursday 5pm -7pm

Art Talks is an exhibition that brings together eight artists who met online during the
Covid-19 pandemic, at a time when isolation created unforeseen difficulties and
challenges. After meeting online for more than a year, the artists suggested exhibiting
together as a way to extend our understanding and our sense of community.
Whenever people are engaged in conversations about art, interesting things happen.
Regardless of age or ethnicity, talking about art and viewing art energizes people. We
perceive the world in new and exciting ways.
The exhibition, Art Talks, intends to show there are many ways to engage us in
conversation. There is a dialogue between artist and artwork — a continual visual
exchange develops until the artist feels the work is complete. Then there is a discourse
between artist, artwork, art curator and viewing space. Lastly, the viewer joins the
conversation by responding to the artwork.
The artists in this exhibition met online during the pandemic through a chat group
designed for artists, funded by a Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grant. The group
evolved out of a desire to stay connected with other artists, the art world, and the world
in general during the pandemic.
Each artist offers a unique perspective and creative focus. Some are community minded.
Others are motivated by the exploration of memory, self-discovery and healing. Some
explore process and materials. The group represents all skill levels and works in a variety
of media — photography, 3D, fibre/textiles, painting, drawing, collage and mixed media.
The isolation caused by Covid-19 reveals there is a powerful desire for artists to
communicate; to engage in discussion, to share art, knowledge, skills and to help each
other navigate areas that are unfamiliar. These artists wish to convey that art can be an
extraordinary unifying force and bring inspiration and meaning to people’s lives.