Big House

In late 1996, when the last residents of Woodlands were preparing their move to community, the BC Self Advocacy Foundation initiated a project to record memories and feelings of people who had lived in large institutions. Survivors worked with artist Persimmon Blackbridge to create these pieces in 1998.

Conrad Alberts

David Bell

Cecilia Bonise

Marianne Crowley

Patty Ferguson

George Fulcher

Clara Hancock

Marry Johnson

Rob Lahay

Richard McDonald

Roger Siggs

Shelly Elizabeth Starr

Janet Thomspon

Arthur Tom

in collaboration with artist Persimmon Blackbridge

The exhibition will take place at the Anvil Centre Community Art Space from October 5 to December 3. Closing Reception, December 3 at 6pm in conjunction with the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities Film Festival that begins at 7pm in the Anvil Theatre.

Presented by Inclusion BC Foundation and the BC Self Advocacy Foundation