Mar 11 - Apr 22, 2022


Mar 11 – Apr 22, 2022

Exhibition Opening, March 17 Thursday 5pm to 7pm


Bolder Artist Collective:

Axel Breutigam

Melenie Fleischer

Annette Nieukerk

Joyce Ozier

Richard Wilson

The bolder gallery artist collective consists of a wide range of refined

artists representing the areas of visual arts and photography. Each artist

brings a vast range of experiences that together converge to form visions

and perspectives from urban abstracts to the metaphors of nature.

Together, these influences converge and intersect to form a more broad

and nuanced vision of our urban and natural worlds as enriched by this

exciting group of fine artists’ lived experiences. This grouping of works

allows us to glide smoothly through the soft-textured aromatic mist of living

things to the lure of bright flashing steel intersecting clean sharp edges.


BIOGRAPHY: bolder gallery artist collective

What do you get when you combine seven distinctly different mature

artists? EXCITEMENT!

The bolder gallery artist collective is a loose association of like-minded

people, 65 years and plus; artists with surprising visual diversity. As mature,

professional artists working independently, we come together to share

ideas and collaborate on assorted projects…exciting things that have

beginnings and, sometimes, ends. The work is bold, powerful and full of


We are bound together by the passion, the spark that we each have for

our work and the creation of it that has not diminished with the passing of

time. Indeed, for most of us, that desire to express our individual voice, to

speak through our art, has never been stronger despite our advancing


We search for the ‘inner complexity of images’. We look for ‘other layers

of abstraction’. We continue ‘visual dialogues’ and like to ‘change the

conversation’. We question stereotypes and accepted norms. We

capture beauty. We question. We explore. We create…and we do it

again and again.


The bolder gallery artist collective MANIFESTO:

– Create boldly and with heightened energy

– Make work with passion at any age

– Stand tall

– Be Curious

– Ars longa / Vita brevis* – Hippocrates

*Art is long/ Life is fleeting