Cover Story:

Album Art Reimagined


Please join us on November 27 at 5-7pm for the opening reception of Cover Story: Album Art Reimagined, an exhibition at the Anvil Centre Community Art Space.

Cover Story: Album Art Reimagined is a group exhibition that explores the art of album design. The artists were given nonexistent band and album names to create their own version of album covers. The work reflects the visual themes often explored in music design, reminiscent of 1970’s rock, folk music, classical and pop music genres. The albums are all standard music record size, appear familiar, as the artists used images often associated with popular cover designs. But on a closer look, they are all reimagined, an appropriated take on a popular cultural phenomenon.

  •  Richard Armstrong
  • Gary Bandzmer
  • Hanna-Barbara Berwid
  • Rick Carswell
  • Greg Freedman
  • Jaqueline Hosford
  • Alison Kirkley
  • Janet Kvammen
  • Lisa Lawrence
  • Tow -The Lim
  • David McFarland
  • Jerry McLaughlin
  • Carolyn McLaughlin
  • Valerie McRae
  • Peri Nilan
  • Carol Rose
  • Elaine Wang
  • P. Thomas Wood
  • Lam Wong
  • Gillian Wright
  • Gifford Wright
  • Elena Zhukova