Free Reconciliation Workshop

With Brad Marsden

Join us for a free, powerful experiential workshop to help understand the collective trauma that impacts Native people throughout North America’s history. Participants will better understand how feelings such as fear, shame, learned helplessness, and anger infiltrated Native communities and led to the disempowering behaviors and social conditions that we see today.

With this change in perception, by having experienced these impacts during the workshop, participants will have an accurate understanding of why Native people see, think, feel and behave the way they do.

Register by phone 604.527.4640 or online

Barcode #  21314
Anvil Centre Room 417

About Brad Marsden

Brad Marsden is from the Gitksan Nation in British Columbia, Canada. He is a Residential School Counselor and Facilitator. Brad has a Wellness Counselor certificate as well as training in SafeTalk and Suicide Intervention at the Crisis Centre of B.C.

Brad Marsden’s Blog:

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