From Life to Death

The Arts Council of New Westminster and the New West Hospice Society present “From Life to Death”, an exhibition at the Anvil Centre Community Art Space that aims to normalize conversations and messages about dying, death, and grief. For the most part, our community is death-denying and this exhibition serves to create a dialogue that encourages individuals to share their stories and journeys on these issues. Our intention has galvanized the arts community to produce pieces that investigate the personal journey we all make through life, until our deaths. The exhibition contains the artist’s personal interpretation of the theme, exhibiting works that consider the journey we are making to live until death, the way the artist would like to see their lives at death, how living is taking place until the last breath, and what the artist has learned from those who died before them.

Please join us for the opening reception on April 6, 5-7pm

Clarissa Arguetta

Cliff Blank

Jacky Hosford

Damarys Sepulveda

Dorothy Doherty

Tony Durke

Lisa Lawrence

Iris Low

Annette Nieukerk

PJ Patten

Heather Prost

Virginia Peteherych

Cemrenaz Uyguner

Mirjana Vukjov

Please join us for a free workshop in conjunction with the exhibition on Saturday, April 7, 3-4:30 pm at the 4th floor landing at Anvil Centre.

From Life to Death:  Exploring the Journey

Dr. Doris Barwich and Joshua Dahling will each present their personal story and then open it up to a conversation with those in attendance.

Moderator: New West Hospice Society representative

Free and open to the public