Intuitive Art

Community Art Exhibition

New West Artists:

Selena Drake

Katrina Ewanchuk

Jacky Hosford

Robert Jost

Janet Kvammen

Robbin Sheriland

Valeriya Zhmak

Intuitive Art 

Intuitive art making is a mindful, meditative process. The non-judgemental artist confronts the blank slate with a clear mind, then goes with the flow to see what emerges. It’s about looking within—spontaneous, fearless self-discovery.
We are inspired to trust our imagination, dreams and journals. To let the process reveal hidden truths about ourselves.

New West Artists was founded 10 years ago.
We are a volunteer run, non-profit society created to support new and experienced artists.
For 10 years we have inspired and encouraged members to develop their art via non-juried exhibitions, workshops and events. We act as a community resource—to increase awareness and appreciation of art by connecting with our community. We continue to anticipate, create and extend opportunities to promote the arts and our artist members