Kūsou 空相

Kūsou (空相), one of the fundamental concepts of Zen Buddhism meaning “the state of emptiness”—which is very different from a state of “nothingness” is an audio-visual installation with multichannel video projection and sound spatialization. Through real-time computer graphics, 160 pieces of Japanese calligraphy and 665 phrases of Western flute are combined and represented as dynamic 3D objects on the screen and rendered spatially in space as continuously transforming visual scenery. While Japanese calligraphy has historically functioned as a means of communicating, it is equally considered a visual art form that can be appreciated without comprehension of Japanese writing or language.

The audience plays a special role in Kūsou. The embedded interactive experience senses the audience traversing the exhibit space and creates unique events within the audio-visual scenery, realizing the collective interaction of the audience with the world that the artwork represents.

Production Team Studio Programsounds
Calligraphy Production Aiko Hatanaka
Flute Performance Mark Takeshi McGregor
Visual Program Ryo Kanda (a.k.a., Kezzardrix)
Soundscape Design Yota Kobayashi
Conception & Direction Yota Kobayashi

July 28, Anvil Centre – 4th Floor
6:30pm – 7:30pm
By Invitation; contact@newmediagallery.ca
Free Admission to the Exhibition + Talk