Matthew Biederman, USA/Canada Iterating Colour Field, Sorted and Measured Three Times, 2008

Annette S. Lee, USA Dagwaagin, Ptanyetu, Fall Soundscape. Finding Stillness in the Motion, 2022

Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, France Light Standard (Series), Sun, 2015 Light Standard (Series) , Venus, 2015

James Nizam, Canada Earth Spin Moon Orbit (Trace), 2019

Alan Storey, Canada Time Dilation, 2021

Semiconductor, UK Heliocentric, 2010


September 24 – December 10, 2023


Opening Reception + Artist Talks
Saturday, September 23
1:00 – 2:30 Artist Talks
2:30 – 4:00. Measure exhibition opens to the public


It has been suggested that time was the first measure. The act of witnessing, questioning and documenting the movement of day into night; the change of seasons; the cyclical movement of sun, moon, and stars…these delineations have connected us intimately to our environment. Even before we were human, this type of phenomenological measure was “written into our biology, hard-coded in our DNA as circadian rhythms….coordinat(ing) each of our bodies to the spin of the planet that is our home”. (1)

We have spent millennia devising breathtaking strategies and tools to measure distance, time, speed, capacity…from the span of the heavens, to the clock, to the internal structure of our planet. Measurements that are increasingly refined, and standardized; subject to the occasional imaginative burst that rocks our world and changes everything. How will technology continue to affect our tangible, corporeal connections with the natural world?

MEASURE reflects on the interconnections of time, light, colour, season, the movement of celestial bodies, and how we perceive the measure of all these things. Seven remarkable artists working at the intersection of science, art and technology capture a measure of the world around us; acknowledging their place in a technologically mediated world, while remaining grounded in the senses and a suggestion of embodied experience.

Image: Semiconductor – Heliocentric

(1) Beyond Measure, James Vincent

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