Mario Klingemann, Random International, KimYongHun ShinSeungBack, Daniel Rozin, Klaus Obermaeir / Stefano D’Allesio & Martina Menegon Louis Phillipe Rondeau

Eight international artists & artist-collectives bring us amazing interactive, technology-based works that look at mirrors and mirroring in our changing world of technology. The MirNs exhibition explores how machines ‘see’, reflect and interpret our biological bodies and faces and how we in turn interpret the actions and behaviour of these machines. In a sense, the exhibition can be thought of as an interactive portrait exhibition.

MirNs refers to Mirror Neurons, which are of great interest in biology, psychology and physiology as well as robotics, AI, and coding. Mirror neurons are intriguing but mysterious. Scientists theorize they are present in many biological species including humans. These neurons allow imitative behaviours, empathy and the capability for aesthetic experience. It has been said that Mirror Neurons are responsible for making us human.

The last NMG exhibition considered currency and value…this exhibition is, in some ways, an extension of that theme. The question of what still holds value in our technological world remains a common question. The reflection of the human body and face remains an exemplar of what ‘is’ human…but is that changing? As connections between our biological bodies and various technologies becomes increasingly blurred how will our perception and interpretation of what is human change?

This exhibition is suitable for all ages. Booking Will Be Required.