No Way Out

Four Intimate Stories of Addiction

This screening has been postponed until further notice due to public health initiatives related to Covid-19. Ticket buyers will receive communications in the upcoming days as soon as a new date has been determined. 

Vancouver is North America’s most active area of injection drug use. It also houses some of the most impoverished and most abused people in Canada.

This film traces the lives of two middle-aged couples over five years. They began using injection drugs such as heroin and cocaine since childhood and have remarkably survived all this time.

Interspersed with Gabor Gasztonyi’s black and white images of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside each person in the film tells their unique story of survival in an environment of physical and psychological adversity.

No Way Out is a glimpse into the lives, suffering, and tragedy of people who have lived their entire lives in a world of drugs. The film reveals an honesty of emotion and candidness rarely seen in documentary films which seek to portray the life of the addict.

Running time: 1hr and 20 minutes