Shakespeare's EM

Observe an Adaptation of Othello in Process

Pi Theatre is working on a new adaptation of Othello based on the point of view of the character of Emilia. It’s a deconstruction of the play looking at notions of post-truth psychosis, internet echo chambers, and inequitable gender-based power dynamics.

Come to observe, respond and contribute!

January 29, 30 & 31, from Noon to 5PM, we’ll be choosing text, looking at tech, talking about character etc.
January 31 specifically from 2PM to 4PM we’ll be presenting a couple of scenes from what we’ve been working on.

This will be followed by a moderated feedback session where we’d love to ask you some questions and solicit your opinions of what you’ve experienced.

The space is open to come and go as you please on all three days. There is no admission charge.