The Dichotomy of Change

The Dichotomy of Change  is a group exhibition that features members of 100 Braid St Studios. The artists reflect on the continuous changes in our social, environmental and physical spaces through variety of mediums.

Artists featured in the exhibition are:

  • Cliff Blank
  • Judith Copland
  • Ginger Deverell
  • Tony Durke
  • Omanie Elias
  • Susan L. Greig
  • Corinn Howes
  • Karen Justice
  • Victoria Klassen
  • Mardell Rampton
  • John B. Salterio
  • Fiona Tang
  • Terra Varey
  • Judy Villett
  • Gillian Wright

Please join us at the Community Art Space on Thursday, October 8 at 5:00pm to 7:00pm for the opening reception.