Time LapseL Living Light

This two-part virtual workshop marks the end of summer. Learn how to create time lapse videos using light and recycled materials. Use the smartphones or tablets you have at home to learn about animation techniques, the super cool physics of light and some world-famous artists. Set up your project at home and work on it over the week. Video tutorials and live workshops will help young creators use common resources to create amazing art projects.

Week 1
5 minute video on composing a scene using natural light and colour
5 minute video on how to set up a stop motion studio using cardboard and a smart device
30 min. Teleconference with all participants. Introduction.
1 hour Teleconference discussion on time-lapse animation, light installations and colour composition

Week 2
10 minute video on adding sound to visual compositions
1 hour teleconference discussion on presentation of work and constructive feedback.