Vancouver Hong Kong Fair is the biggest Hong Konger cultural celebration in Canada, and the first of its kind. Featuring booths by Hong Konger artisans and small businesses, cultural exhibitions, performances, and a variety of cultural events, the fair creates an opportunity for the Hong Konger community, as well as anyone interested in learning more about, to gather and celebrate Hong Konger culture and community.

What’s at the fair this year:
● Cultural workshops including ones featuring the fading Hong Kong art of Sugar Crafting
● A market featuring Hong Konger artisans, creators and small businesses
● Movie screening, events and spaces for Hong Konger childhood board games
● Cantonese Storytelling Sessions
● Exhibitions, including a mini AR Museum featuring Hong Kong’s lost spaces
● A display from Chinatown Storytelling Centre
● A show – Adrift: multidisciplinary performances featuring local and newcomer Hong Konger artists

The fair is a welcoming space where folks can support Hong Konger artisans, creators and small
businesses. Anyone who is interested in supporting Hong Kongers and learning more about Hong Kong is invited.