What Housing Means to Me

The City of New Westminster, through a grant realized by the Community Poverty Reduction Committee, and in collaboration with Douglas College, hired artist Mihailo Subotic to work with five tenants on an affordable housing project titled, What Housing Means to Me.

The project, through photography and storytelling, highlights the importance of home, belonging and community. The exhibit is intended to facilitate a dialogue about the transformative nature of affordable housing, and address misconceptions and stereotypes about those living in poverty and experiencing homelessness. A core theme of the project is to generate compassion and empathy in the community. Through the exhibit and dialogue, it is hoped that there will be greater community acceptance and support for affordable housing developments, and increased receptivity to involve tenants of such developments in all aspects of community life.

Community Art Gallery

3rd Floor, Anvil Centre

777 Columbia Street, New Westminster

Free Admission